A week in Class 2

On Monday we had the police visit in class 2 to share information about all of their uniform and kit. This visit was to support the children’s literacy learning which will involve writing a book about special clothing. The children loved seeing the uniform and all the different things they use for their day to day work. Olivia said “the police jacket was really, really heavy but I enjoyed wearing it, especially on my birthday!”

On Monday afternoon William shared his skiing equipment and clothes with us. Class 2 based the art work of tone and shape on how the equipment looked and will be making further sketches of skiing scenes. William said “I felt really happy because it was fun dressing up in my ski gear to show the rest of class 2 what I wear.”

Our PE session this week involved class 2 learning a new skill using scoops to pick up and pass a ball. Elsie-Rose said “it was great because we had a match and we worked well in our team.”

Austin said “it was fun to develop our skill of bouncing and catching the ball in the scoop.”

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