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A week in Class 3

In Year 3, we have been working very hard in Science learning about the topic ‘Light and Dark’ with Miss Bramley. We first discussed what sources of light there are and which light sources are natural or man-made. We have learnt that the sun is a very important source of light to us but can […]


A week in Class 2

On Monday we had the police visit in class 2 to share information about all of their uniform and kit. This visit was to support the children’s literacy learning which will involve writing a book about special clothing. The children loved seeing the uniform and all the different things they use for their day to […]


Class 1 Maths

On Wednesday Class 1 have learnt to subtract numbers. The children understood that the number gets smaller and worked well with using different counting objects in the classroom to create number sentences.


The Mayor Came to Visit OLSP

The Mayor came to visit the school. He gave us some chocolate when we asked him questions about his job and what he does. Louis and Maddison both got a chocolate sweet.


Kip Comes into the FSU

For the last few weeks Kip from TCS has come in to work with the Foundation Stage Children with  a Pirate theme. We worked with instruments, learned a pirate song and a dance to go with it.  We then invited Year 6 to come and watch our gig.


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