Mental Health Sessions in Class 4

Written by Elliot, Eve, Kaoni, Hattie and Miya

We have been trying to follow ways to balance our mental health. This week we have been focusing on relaxation to take a break. We’ve had time to relax and use a breathing ball (an expanding ball) to help us concentrate on breathing. Our teacher then reads out a relaxation/meditation story to focus on relaxing.

On Monday we went on the field to lie down. Our relaxation story was about sunshine and the sounds of summer so we lay down in the grass. We enjoy this very much.

Here’s what our classmates had to say about it when we interviewed them….

‘I like it because it’s nice and calm’ Heidi

‘I like it because when you have had a busy day you can relax’ Bonnie

‘I don’t get that much time to relax so I love it as I can focus on just one thing’ Harry

‘I like it because there is nothing to worry about you can just lie down. I like the story as it allows me to picture things in my mind’ Bobbi.

We are looking forward to more relaxation and talking about our feelings next week. It is important to look after your mental health!

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