Easter Prayer Spaces

Our Year 5 children did a wonderful job of leading the prayer stations at our church. Ellie stated “it was a great way to spend time with people, reflecting on God.” Molly added “It was fun to learn more about God.”

We had a lovely comment from an adult who attended the prayer stations:
“What a joy it was to visit the prayer space on Friday! To see and hear children enjoying themselves so much ‘doing’ something ‘religious’ was a real treat, and I was blessed at each station on many counts: by the respect the children showed me; their willingness to explain things to me and help me; their understanding in leaving me alone to pray before giving them my written note for them to put where they wanted, by their understanding and pleasure in telling me about Jesus and the part of His story they were sharing, and the blessing from God at just taking time out of my day, and finally by the friendliness of the staff around. Thank you so much.”

The staff and other children at school took turns to visit too and here are some of their comments:
“I liked dropping the marble in the water – it made me think” Kellen in Foundation 2

Noah in Year 1 said “I liked thinking about what I want to be when I grow up – a footballer!”
William added – “Yes it was good – I want to be a carpenter so I drew the wood!”

Bonnie in year 4 said “I thought it was fun and imaginative!”

“I thought about God when I drew around my hand” Phoebe year 1

Jacob shared “I said sorry – I have been worrying lately about my Mum and a bit stressed, I wasn’t nice to my brother… I felt better after visiting the prayer station.”

Dominic in year 6 said “I was thinking about wars in different countries, and all the bad things happening in the world, so I prayed for them.”

Alfie in year 6 said “It cleansed my soul.”

Thank you to all the staff who helped on this project… we all look forward to the next one!

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