When Laura Wall came to visit OLSP!

Laura Wall, who is an artist and an author, came to visit us on Thursday the 2nd March 2017.  She showed us how to draw goose, moose and clouds. Laura read us a book called ‘Goose on the Farm’. The book was really enjoyable, I loved it when Laura made a story up about a dancing chicken and a singing pig.

Lily, Class 4

In the afternoon at 1.30pm we were really excited because Laura Wall was coming in to see us! She showed us how to draw her characters and read us a funny story. Next we drew the goose and the cloud and even the tiny mouse.

Luke, Class 4

When Laura came to visit she talked us through one of her paintings and showed us how to draw a goose and a mouse. First she introduced herself, she was really friendly. Secondly she asked us what we could see in her pictures. Then she read us one of her stories and it was ‘Goose on the Farm’. It was about when this little girl called Sophie and a goose went to the farm, on the way Goose ate his lunch. When he got there he felt a bit left out so he went on an adventure in the farm. He bumped into several different animals, but then they went to have their lunch. Goose didn’t have any but a boy shared his with him. It was FAB!

Caitlin, Class 4

I liked it when Laura read out her good goose story and we had to make the sound of the animals when we saw them in the story. If we had the opportunity to do it again I would definitely say YES!

Heidi, Class 4

All the children and staff at OLSP would like to say a huge thank you to Laura for coming in to inspire our children on World Book Day. Thank you for your donation of signed copies of your books, these will take pride of place in our school library.

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