A week in Class 3

In Year 3, we have been working very hard in Science learning about the topic ‘Light and Dark’ with Miss Bramley. We first discussed what sources of light there are and which light sources are natural or man-made.

We have learnt that the sun is a very important source of light to us but can also be harmful. Miss Bramley taught us about how we can protect ourselves against the sun’s harmful UV rays.

We have also been carrying out experiments about light too. We were asked to investigate which material would be best to use for a curtain for baby Lucas to help him sleep at night. We got to use lots of different materials and torches to help us decide.

We hope you have enjoyed reading about our fun science!


A week in Class 2

On Monday we had the police visit in class 2 to share information about all of their uniform and kit. This visit was to support the children’s literacy learning which will involve writing a book about special clothing. The children loved seeing the uniform and all the different things they use for their day to day work. Olivia said “the police jacket was really, really heavy but I enjoyed wearing it, especially on my birthday!”

On Monday afternoon William shared his skiing equipment and clothes with us. Class 2 based the art work of tone and shape on how the equipment looked and will be making further sketches of skiing scenes. William said “I felt really happy because it was fun dressing up in my ski gear to show the rest of class 2 what I wear.”

Our PE session this week involved class 2 learning a new skill using scoops to pick up and pass a ball. Elsie-Rose said “it was great because we had a match and we worked well in our team.”

Austin said “it was fun to develop our skill of bouncing and catching the ball in the scoop.”


Class 1 Maths

On Wednesday Class 1 have learnt to subtract numbers. The children understood that the number gets smaller and worked well with using different counting objects in the classroom to create number sentences.


The Mayor Came to Visit OLSP

The Mayor came to visit the school. He gave us some chocolate when we asked him questions about his job and what he does.

Louis and Maddison both got a chocolate sweet.


Kip Comes into the FSU

For the last few weeks Kip from TCS has come in to work with the Foundation Stage Children with  a Pirate theme.

We worked with instruments, learned a pirate song and a dance to go with it. 

We then invited Year 6 to come and watch our gig.


Election Day at OLSP!

On the day that adults across the UK made their way to their local polling station, the children in Class 4 were busy preparing their classroom for the School General Election…



The day started in the hall for an assembly. The children learnt about what a General Election is and got the opportunity to explore each political party’s manifesto so they could make their choice.

Each child was given a polling card which they bought with them, after signing in they were given a ballot paper and asked to vote in a booth before placing their vote in the ballot box. A group of children then counted all the votes and a news video was released to the school with the results. It was all very exciting!



So what were the results?

Labour won our General Election with 80 votes!

Labour 80
Green Party 57
Lib Dem 37
Conservative 27



Mental Health Sessions in Class 4

Written by Elliot, Eve, Kaoni, Hattie and Miya

We have been trying to follow ways to balance our mental health. This week we have been focusing on relaxation to take a break. We’ve had time to relax and use a breathing ball (an expanding ball) to help us concentrate on breathing. Our teacher then reads out a relaxation/meditation story to focus on relaxing.

On Monday we went on the field to lie down. Our relaxation story was about sunshine and the sounds of summer so we lay down in the grass. We enjoy this very much.

Here’s what our classmates had to say about it when we interviewed them….

‘I like it because it’s nice and calm’ Heidi

‘I like it because when you have had a busy day you can relax’ Bonnie

‘I don’t get that much time to relax so I love it as I can focus on just one thing’ Harry

‘I like it because there is nothing to worry about you can just lie down. I like the story as it allows me to picture things in my mind’ Bobbi.

We are looking forward to more relaxation and talking about our feelings next week. It is important to look after your mental health!


Warburtons Visit Class 2!

Tessa writes: Warburtons visited class 2.  We talked through the Warburton history and made sandwiches.  My favourite part was learning the Warburton history.

Holly writes: Some people from Warburtons came and taught us how to make a really healthy sandwich & using a knife to spread.  They showed us a video of how to make bread and it was really interesting.



Easter Prayer Spaces

Our Year 5 children did a wonderful job of leading the prayer stations at our church. Ellie stated “it was a great way to spend time with people, reflecting on God.” Molly added “It was fun to learn more about God.”

We had a lovely comment from an adult who attended the prayer stations:
“What a joy it was to visit the prayer space on Friday! To see and hear children enjoying themselves so much ‘doing’ something ‘religious’ was a real treat, and I was blessed at each station on many counts: by the respect the children showed me; their willingness to explain things to me and help me; their understanding in leaving me alone to pray before giving them my written note for them to put where they wanted, by their understanding and pleasure in telling me about Jesus and the part of His story they were sharing, and the blessing from God at just taking time out of my day, and finally by the friendliness of the staff around. Thank you so much.”

The staff and other children at school took turns to visit too and here are some of their comments:
“I liked dropping the marble in the water – it made me think” Kellen in Foundation 2

Noah in Year 1 said “I liked thinking about what I want to be when I grow up – a footballer!”
William added – “Yes it was good – I want to be a carpenter so I drew the wood!”

Bonnie in year 4 said “I thought it was fun and imaginative!”

“I thought about God when I drew around my hand” Phoebe year 1

Jacob shared “I said sorry – I have been worrying lately about my Mum and a bit stressed, I wasn’t nice to my brother… I felt better after visiting the prayer station.”

Dominic in year 6 said “I was thinking about wars in different countries, and all the bad things happening in the world, so I prayed for them.”

Alfie in year 6 said “It cleansed my soul.”

Thank you to all the staff who helped on this project… we all look forward to the next one!


When Laura Wall came to visit OLSP!

Laura Wall, who is an artist and an author, came to visit us on Thursday the 2nd March 2017.  She showed us how to draw goose, moose and clouds. Laura read us a book called ‘Goose on the Farm’. The book was really enjoyable, I loved it when Laura made a story up about a dancing chicken and a singing pig.

Lily, Class 4

In the afternoon at 1.30pm we were really excited because Laura Wall was coming in to see us! She showed us how to draw her characters and read us a funny story. Next we drew the goose and the cloud and even the tiny mouse.

Luke, Class 4

When Laura came to visit she talked us through one of her paintings and showed us how to draw a goose and a mouse. First she introduced herself, she was really friendly. Secondly she asked us what we could see in her pictures. Then she read us one of her stories and it was ‘Goose on the Farm’. It was about when this little girl called Sophie and a goose went to the farm, on the way Goose ate his lunch. When he got there he felt a bit left out so he went on an adventure in the farm. He bumped into several different animals, but then they went to have their lunch. Goose didn’t have any but a boy shared his with him. It was FAB!

Caitlin, Class 4

I liked it when Laura read out her good goose story and we had to make the sound of the animals when we saw them in the story. If we had the opportunity to do it again I would definitely say YES!

Heidi, Class 4

All the children and staff at OLSP would like to say a huge thank you to Laura for coming in to inspire our children on World Book Day. Thank you for your donation of signed copies of your books, these will take pride of place in our school library.


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